"Red Devils" after the last Ghanaian star player

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Roy Keane, the former Manchester United midfielder, wants the "Red Devils" to have players like Thomas Spartey in the team. And believe that Partey has great potential to the point of being able to hit the footsteps of Patrick VieiraRoy Keane, legendary Manchester United midfielder, said that he personally wanted Arsenal midfielder Thomas Spartey to live with the "Red Devils" after the last Ghanaian star player made a result. Great work until the "big guns" invaded Manchester United 1-0 to the Old Trafford in the English Premier League game on Sunday, November 1, past.

Partey has been attracted by many of the top teams in Europe after striking out at Atletico Madrid, which eventually became Arsenal with him for a fee of 45 million. £ 1,800m) and he is one of the main forces that helped Arsenal get three points from the last match

Keane said while acting as the guru of Sky Sports, the city's leading sports media, that "He's really outstanding. He has no panic at the big games, you can judge a player's pace by watching him live. And the more I watch him play, the more I hope I want him to be in the United midfield. ”

"He's big, strong and aggressive, and he's also able to pass the ball forward very well. He can handle the tempo of having to play with the ball, I have fought with Vieira a number of times. And I think this kid has a chance to paint over what Patrick has ever done. ”แทงบอล