"Golden Spikes Chicken" open Nests of Tottenham Hotspur

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Spurs boss Jose Mourinho quipped Real Madrid to see what the other side had to say about Gareth Bale, and said Bale had been playing better for a week.
Jose Mourinho, Tottenham Hotspur team manager, taunted Real Madrid after Gareth Bale recently helped "Golden Spikes Chicken" open Nests of Tottenham Hotspur. Stadium beat Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 in the English Premier League game on Sunday, November 1.

It is believed that Bale has been in a bad relationship with Madrid that he has rarely played as much as he should and has joined Spurs on loan this season. Recently, the Wales international scored the winning goal for Spurs in the 73rd minute after being substituted for Eric Lamela about three minutes earlier, making Spurs now ranked second to the crowd. A result of 14 points from playing 7 matches.

Portuguese coach revealed that "His performance has improved in about a week or so already. I'm not saying this just because of watching him. But the information Shows that it is as well We know he's doing better, and Gareth knows it too. We share ideas and feelings. "

"He deserves this door. Whenever I have 5 minutes and what it is So I'll go into the browser safari and go to the Madrid website to see what they have to say about him. He shows a good personality. Including having a tremendous impact on the team He scored very important goals. To us "แทงบอล